Steve Buchanan Florida

Steve Buchanan Florida

Steve Buchanan Florida epitomizes the essence of a practical and problem-solving professional. His retirement from a full-time career in auto mechanics and performance diagnostics hasn't diminished his passion for mechanical vehicles, as he continues to engage in working on and operating them with zeal.

In his illustrious career, Steve was at the helm of the acclaimed radio show "Mr. Mechanic." This show, a staple in Omaha and aired on News Radio 1110 KFAB-AM, held the record as the city's longest-running local show. Buchanan, during the one-hour segment, adeptly answered an array of listener inquiries about cars, their maintenance, and repairs.

The show, which debuted in 1988, was a Saturday morning fixture. For over two and a half decades, his expertise was the backbone of the show, with him being stumped by questions on rare occasions. The show also featured two guest hosts who oversaw his Service Centers, and car specialist Dr. Mark Grabow made appearances, too.

As an entrepreneur, Buchanan's journey is marked by the establishment and growth of a successful business encompassing fuel, auto mechanics, and convenience stores. Renowned for his exceptional skills in auto mechanics and diagnostics, he also excels as a pilot and boat captain, showcasing a diverse skill set.

Steve's love for mechanics extends into his hobbies, with a keen interest in engine diagnostics and repairs. His enthusiasm isn't confined to the garage; it also encompasses other mechanical modes of transportation. He finds joy in piloting airplanes and steering speed boats, particularly savoring the thrill of high-speed movement, whether in the air or on water. Residing beachside complements these interests perfectly.

A Midwest native, he spent his formative years in Sioux City, Iowa, before making Omaha his long-term home. His retirement years are spent in South Florida, where he relishes quality time with family and friends in the serene coastal environment.

Throughout his life, Steve Buchanan has been a fervent supporter of community organizations, with a particular focus on healthcare services. While in Omaha, he dedicated time and resources to the local Children's Hospital, known for its comprehensive care offerings. He also lent support to the Nebraska Humane Society's Omaha branch, an institution committed to animal welfare. In Florida, he continues his philanthropic work by supporting the Mayo Clinic, which is based in Rochester, Minnesota. This world-renowned health system, with over a century of service, includes a network of campuses with a medical college, clinics, and a hospital, including a facility in Jacksonville, Florida.


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